Sunday, March 28, 2010

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I just found out that for the first time ever, Phil Henderson is giving away his $97 value Step-By-Step exclusive video where you can watch over his shoulder as he selects a top-selling item, builds a simple one page site and ranks on page one of Google in under 30 minutes!

I don't know how long he's going to keep this video online so I'd go check it out now if I was you.

In the video, you get to see every step he takes, nothing is held back, he even shows you how to select a "hot selling" item that people are hungry to buy... I don't know anyone else who'd let you see this and all for free too.

After watching the video you will have the exact same tools and strategies he has to dominate his chosen niches time and time again.
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Yeah you will need to register; however, this is so he can give you even more free methods to really boost your earnings over the coming weeks and months.

And here is some "secrets" method of ranking on page one of Google.
I couldn't believe what I was watching:

. How to find a product people actually want to buy right now!
. How to choose the right keywords and search term to get people to buy from
. How to set up a one page site using cut and paste (no html or technical skills)
. Clicking submit and watching as his site ranks on page one of Google in under 30 minutes!
. Seeing real people visiting his site in minutes
I nearly forgot; he does all this without having his own website, so he doesn't have to buy a domain name, pay for any hosting or pay for a web designer or graphic designer to set things up... he does the whole freaking thing for free
Once these one page sites are set up they stay on Google for like forever
Can you imagine no more expensive PPC, no more up front cash to set things up, just pure profit?

You get to see the whole thing real time "over his shoulder", but you better hurry, news is he's been getting so much flack off the so-called "SEO guru's" he's thinking of pulling the video off-line.

p.s. I followed step-by-step and got my site ranked top ten in under 25 minutes, it's stupidly simple...